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Section 1 - Client Information

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Section 2 - Agreement

Dear Client:

Thank you for contacting us for the enforcement of your judgment! All of our work will be conducted with no out of pocket expense to you. You will not be responsible for any additional costs, nor is there a retainer required for this service. Our fees are computed on a strictly contingent basis. We will receive payment only after having recovered money for you. If Recovery of Judgment. by its actions is unable to recover any money, there will be NO fee. Recovery of Judgment will locate and seize any asset s, financial or otherwise (including income) to force the debtor to meet his obligation.

The fee for providing this service will be a sliding scale

$1.00‐$4,999.00 collected – 50%
$5,000‐$9,999 collected – 40%
$10,000 ‐ $49,999 collected – 33%
$50,000 ‐ $99,999 collected – 30%
$100,000 ‐ $250,000 collected – 27%
$251,000+ – 20%

If you would like Recovery of Judgment to assist you in the enforcement of your judgment please read/sign below.

To the best of the judgment creditor’s knowledge, the judgment in question has not been satisfied, paid, compromised, discharged in bankruptcy court or rendered unenforceable in any other way. The judgment creditor hereby agrees that all accounts placed for collection are accurate and owed by applicable debtor(s) and that all information provided by judgment creditor is true and correct. Judgment creditor hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Recovery of Judgment harmless from any and all claims made against Recovery of Judgment alleging that the information received from Client was incorrect, that the amounts due from debtor are not owed, or that payments from debtor were not promptly reported. In the event a claim is made against ROJ, judgment creditor will pay Recovery of Judgment’s costs and damages (including legal fees) applicable to such claim. This indemnification applies to Recovery of Judgment and its owners, officers and employees. The judgment creditor further agrees to notify Recovery of Judgment immediately of any payment made directly to the judgment creditor and to promptly forward Recovery of Judgment’s fee for the payment

Please include a copy of the judgment. Complete the judgment debtor information sheet on the back of this form. If you wish to further discuss this matter, feel free to contact us at the number below.

The Plaintiff acknowledges that the above stated judgment is true and valid and in accordance with the terms stated above gives exclusive authorization to RecoveryofJudgment,its agent and/or attorneys to pursue, negotiate, settle and collect from said judgment debtor(s). If the debtor’s assets have not been restrained/garnished/located, plaintiff may close this case upon 60 days written notice. If debtor contacts judgment creditor after account is placed for collection with ROJ, Client will refer debtors to ROJ for resolution and will advise ROJ of such contact. If judgment creditor receives any payments subsequent to placement of a file with ROJ, ROJ will be entitled to the above fee from the payments made to judgment creditor.

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Section 3 - Judgment Debtor Information

Please fill out any information pertaining to the JUDGMENT DEBTOR below. IF HANDWRITTE PLEASE WRITE LEGIBLY! WE PREFER TYPED!
Please complete a separate questionnaire for each debtor (if you have more than 1 debtor)
** Please include a copy of the judgment **

Creditor (Your) Email Address: *
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Banking or credit references: *
Names of any friends or family: *
Were any payments received after the judgment was awarded:
If yes, please state dates and amounts of payments: In what state and county was the judgment awarded in? Please attach copies of any canceled checks, invoices, police reports or any other documentation that you feel may be useful in enforcing this judgment(jpg, jpeg, png, doc).

Any information obtained will be used in the enforcement of your judgment