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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost me, really?

It will cost you nothing. Zero! We advance all costs. We work with attorneys at no cost to you. We spend the money and the time. If we don't collect, it still costs you nothing.

What is 'domestication'?

Judgment Domestication is the legal proceeding to move a judgment from the state where it originated to the state where the debtor lives or has a business. After this process the judgment can be enforced as a 'foreign judgment' or 'sister-state-judgment' entered in the local state.

I thought my judgment was a court order! Isn't the debtor breaking the law by not paying?

Unfortunately, it is not against the law to owe money. There is no debtor's prison anymore. As a practical matter, if your debtor were in jail, it would be difficult to collect your judgment. You want the debtor working and making money, so that he/she is developing assets that can be executed upon.

Are you a collection agency?

Yes. We are a licensed debt collection agency; however, we handle our judgment clients differently than our debt collection clients. Collection agencies process debt in bulk. They typically send out demand letters and call debtors to try to get them to pay.

The law permits us to act far more aggressively with our judgment clients. It starts with an assignment on your judgment to Recovery Of Judgment. That way, we have the authority to pull credit reports and conduct thorough asset investigation. Your case will be treated individually and expertly by processors who are highly trained and motivated to find your money, because if we do not find your money, we make nothing. We stand behind our work and will lay out all costs of investigation, travel expenses, legal fees and any additional court fees.

Can I use an attorney?

Yes you can. But consider this: We have databases at our fingertips that few attorneys are permitted to access. This enables us to locate assets for judgment satisfaction that most attorneys will have difficulty unearthing. Furthermore, most attorneys charge an hourly fee or, he/she may take an contingency plus .up-front. cost on your judgment. Most attorneys are very skilled in getting judgments, many of them, though, are unfamiliar with effective post-judgment remedies and strategies and have no access to asset investigators.

It is not uncommon for us to receive calls from attorneys for asset investigation and even to enforce their judgments.

No. While Recovery Of Judgment hires attorneys to represent their interests in the judgment in court, these attorneys are working for Recovery Of Judgment and not for our clients. That being said, the success of our attorneys in court typically benefits our clients.

Recovery Of Judgments interests in the judgment debtor.s assets are perfected aligned with the interests of its clients. Meaning, Recovery Of Judgment only makes money when they successfully seize assets from the judgment debtor. Our attorneys assist us in seizing those assets. At the same time, through seizing those assets, Recovery Of Judgment.s clients benefit by seeing their judgments satisfied.

In short, Recovery Of Judgment is not providing you with any legal services. When you employ Recovery of Judgment you are not hiring a lawyer. However, Recovery Of Judgment hires lawyers to work for them and their success benefits everybody.

How do I know that you will pay me the right amount?

With every payment to you, we send you a copy of the check we received for your file copy.

Can you guarantee that you will collect the money?

No. There are no guarantees except that we make the strongest effort possible. We use every strategy to collect the principle and interest which continues to accrue until the judgment is fully satisfied.

How long is the judgment good for?

In New York, judgments are valid for 20 years. In addition, judgment creditors may extend the period beyond twenty years if they make the proper application in Court before the 20 years lapse. Other states may vary from 7 to 25 years. Judgments collect interest. In New York it's 9% per year. Other states vary, usually between 5% and 10%.

How do you do debt collection?

We use a proprietary blend of, letters, phone calls, faxes, and emails.

Is it hard to place an account into collections?

Not at all. All you have to do is fill out the form and send it to us. That's it.

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