Utilizing an advanced and effective strategy in judgment recovery!
Have you obtained a judgment and had difficulty collecting your money? We can help! We find their property. We collect. We send you a check. It will cost you nothing. Zero!
We do not waste time urging the judgment debtor to pay money that they have refused to pay for years. Rather, we aggressively use every weapon provided by law to seize their assets and deliver that money where it belongs: your wallet!
At Recovery of Judgment we treat our clients with courtesy and respect. Our years of experience, expertise and integrity ensure that Recovery Of Judgment will maximize your chances of recovery.
We provide quality judgment enforcement and debt collection. All recovery and enforcement procedures are handled in-house with staffed investigators, attorneys, and professional asset skip-tracers.

How may we help you recover your money?

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Here is what our customers had to say...

"I am very happy with the results achieved by Recovery of Judgment. I had a judgment which I thought was unenforceable. It had been languishing for years. Recovery of Judgment contacted me, vigorously pursued the debtor and forwarded almost $10,000 to me. I could not have asked for more. As a retired California Attorney, I truly appreciate the skill and commitment of this company. Thank you."

- Julie M.

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